Shiatown Media LLC approached Philip Neumeier about making a documentary on business start-ups, We came to him with an idea. We wanted business tips, some contacts, film live business issues and to get as many other businesses as we could involved and as much information about how some of the best companies started up.

After we sat down and talked Phil came up with an idea that changed our documentary completely. He told ua straight up anyone could open a business and be successful. There was some pushback from some of the other members at Shiatown but Joey backed Phil and said he knows if anyone could prove that it was  Phil.   I told them if they really wanted to help people with start-ups I had a business plan that has never failed, it has been successful 100% of the time.  Joey told  Phil they were interested and asked how long it would take, I told them I could show anyone how to do it within 2 years. They liked it but didn’t want to change the dynamic of the documentary on a risk that I couldn’t follow through and the production budget would be ran up at the end of that two years. I asked them what the budget was for their film. They hesitated a little and said it was backed by funding for up to 380k not to exceed 450k for everything and needed to have it wrapped up within 2nd quarter 2019


They showed  Phil the list of companies they interviewed or were going to. I told them they were going to blow through that budget with fancy graphics, major buzzwords and a bunch of self-help nonsense that doesn’t specifically show how to make anything successful from righteous business owners who have huge ego talking like gurus..  2 of the guys kind of chuckled as they said that’s basically what’s already happening.  I told them I was serious and I bet them 1,000,000 I could do it without the bs guru clutter.  They asked how and what I would need from them.


I told them I could do it all in real time and for free. I told them I would open my doors and privacy  for their documentary, let them film the behind the scenes and the deepest parts of the company I’d start brand new and would be worth at least 1 million after two years.  I would do that for the film.


In return, they would lend their production company to  Phil for a video podcast. In the podcast I’d break down step by step no bullshit how to make a million dollars in real time. So that users could tune in for free once a week, follow what I say and make a lot of money, ANY USER with 20 minutes a day.


I told them I’d only do it if Joey was the point man and we used his crew for anything production that I needed as I have seen some of his other work on TV.


I put the 1 million into an escrow account, They came up with few rules I had to agree to.


  1. They wanted Phil to create a business on film from start to end.
  2. Use my business plan in a  way anyone could duplicate.
  3. Keep it ethical
  4. Start fresh and can’t use any business contacts or sources not available to everyone else.



Most importantly, I’d lose my million dollars if I was shy even 1 dollar on valuation after 2 years.



The bet was on, 1 million dollars in escrow, if I failed I had to buy out the rights to a failed documentary, If I succeeded not only would there be a successful documentary, a full training barrage of videos on how to start a successful business in realtime but they would also provide my company and 5 others subscribe using my program my the use of there media company for 1 year for free to encourage start-ups.



This is the million dollar bet.